Eyvory Update…..

Just finished a huge mix that has been plaguing me for like 2 months…I couldn’t get this damn mix right for the life of me..I was so artistically attached to it too. It was literally getting to the point that it was interfering with my whole Psyche. I didn’t know if I’d ever get it right. I would stay up til 6 am, almost every night, trying to get it just right…2 particular tracks that I remixed and used for this project were driving me nuts trying to get perfect….Timing and precision is everything…
But I am excited to announce it’s upcoming release….”Genesis” will be available on 4.12.2013………….


 This seems to be the question on everybody’s mouth.

So, who is Majesty Eyvory?

Majesty Eyvory’s electric sound was and is Inspired by such musical greats as Rick James, The Triple Six Mafia, Depeche Mode, Do or Die, Justice, Skrillex, Kill the Noise, DJ screw and the Screwed Up  Click, a plethora of euro and electronic producers, Pac, The Doors, The Beatles, The Wu Tang Clan, Skate Board Legend Chad Muska, King Kush, Sour D, Hennessy Privilege, Homeboy and Music Partner Alias Fresh, Flash-Point Films, Beautiful women,  and his fathers band Day Tripper.


Imagine…just for a moment, that Paul Wall, Rick James, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, and The Three Six Mafia are smoking blunts, drankin drrank, and poppin thizz and decide “Hey letz flow over Skrillex, Justice, and Deadmau5 beats, just for the F of it………and see what  happens.”  Well, the byproduct of this experimental fusion of RAP, RNB, FUNK, and DIRTY ELECTRONIC in a nutshell, is the sound of Majesty Eyvory.

                                       NEW SINGLE OFF “BEYOND NEON”

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Beyond Neon: The Neon Nightz Chronicles

I get this overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude whenever I think back to the summer of 2010.  At that time, I lived in this dope ass pad with a couple of other artists.  We would drink black label and Henesy A.D.E.D. (That’s All Day Every Day for y’all that don’t know the slanguage).  We would go hard man, real hard.  We’d follow up the drank with Jets of that Bubba Kush, or some Sour D.  Blue Dreamin in the Purple haze ya feel me. Sounds crazy right, well that was just the warm up lap.  I was heavy on the blow and thizz back then so the level of parting was somewhere between Lohan and Cobaine….

One night I was partying with Alias Fresh, Lieutenant Visual, Ricky Hollywood, and the Dragon at this club called Avalon in Hollywood.  It is a crackin spot and definitely a must whenever partying in the 818.  The ladies were out like I’d never seen that night. We got ratchet as all hell and I’ll be the first to say that things got outta hand.  We were tearing up the dance floor like it was Saturday Night Fever, and I was John Travolta.  We had every damn broad in that club eating off our cocks, I shit you not.  We ended up taking this large group of fine ass freaks home.  5 of the girls we took with us were some naughty Latina adult entertainers, 4 were Asian dancer (like ABDC style), and 3 other these fly rich ass females from the Hills ( I don’t know if you can appreciate this, but we basically pulled 3 different groups of girls and got them to play nice together).  Needless to say we stuffed all those dimes in the back of the Hummer Limo and drove them all the way back to the Palace.  Now what is this Palace you might be asking?  The palace is this huge bachelor pad that a group of us own out in Dego and we take a select group of friends, females, and business associates there for some of the biggest parties of the year…It is like the unofficial Playboy Mansion for the Man Dime Clique.

Once we arrived at the Chateau de Eyvory, the party started and it honestly did not end until 2 or 3 weeks later.  We partied like LMFAO, Rick James, and Lil Wayne wrapped up into a turbo charged Crack Blunt.  We popped dozens of bottles, smokes ounces of the finest of dro, ran through that white girl like a NBA player, and popped more thizz pills than a Asian Raver.  The Fine Liquors flowed like wine, the weed-smoke billowed up to form majestic peaks, our testicles were drained.  The sleepless nights melted into each other to form one Endless Neon Night.  We literally had no sense of time.

Well I guess we were about 9 days into the drug induced daze when I had this revelation to create an album of monumental proportions.  I went into what I would describe as a trance like state.  I could feel the Party Gods enter inside me, transferring pure, unadulterated LOVE JUICE into my veins.  My mind was consumed my vivid neon lights and bodacious lady lumps.  I spoke in tongues repeatedly saying thing like “I’m Rick James Bitch,” “Wow Excellent,” and “Wayne’s World Party Time.”   I had no command over my bodily movements and I suddenly started uncontrollably shuffling.

When I finally came to, I immediately told Fresh what had happened.  We moved the party into the studio and began work on what would later become one of the greatest albums in the history of Party Rock.  The songs came one after another.  I was like a man possessed.  I didn’t sleep or eat.  I only smoked heavy Indicas, drank Privileged, and got Lewinskies.  Having Alias Fresh and Lt. Visual with me through this process was obviously a integral parts of the success we achieved.  Their insights were invaluable and they blessed the project with their lyrics prowess, knowledge of production, and superb blunt rolling abilities.  Upon completion of the album we decided to title it “BEYOND NEON.”

After many sleepless weeks of partying and grinding in the studio I sent the ladies home and said peace out to the crew. I was just about to crash out, when none-other than the Supreme Party God (You may know him as Bacchus) appeared before me in all his magnificent glory.  Bacchus revealed to me that Beyond Neon was no ordinary dance record.  He further explained that it was not actually me that had been the creative force behind this glorious album, but rather, The Gods had bestowed it upon the Man Dime for my years of faithful service to the greater Party Community.  As Lord Bacchus went on, he made it clear that in my years of extreme partying I had saved innumerable kids from their dull lives, rolled some of the fattest blunts ever recorded, drank a kings share of booze, and given so many women orgasms that my deeds couldn’t go unrewarded.  Bacchus then looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I was destined to ejaculate awesome neon sound waves into the ears of the world.  The Party God further expressed that the current LOVE JUICE (or Energy created by partying and used to sustain the planet) was insufficient to protect the Earth from the ensuing Wacktilian invasion.  He warned me that the Wacktilians were a parasitic race that siphons the Earths Love Juice through spreading wackness.  He explained that wackness is contagious and if the Wacktilians succeed in draining the Earth of all of its Love Juice,  the planet would enter a state of extreme disequilibrium, and eventually would undergo implosion.  Beyond Neon would be the only hope for the survival of our planet and it would be the best chance we had at resurrecting the 80′s” (The reestablishment of the 80′s being essential to our survival, because this was the period of time with the highest recorded levels of Love Juice).  Bacchus told me that if we could build up enough Love Juice, the Earth would be able to survive the invasion and defeat the Wacktilians once and for all.

I got down on my knees and started chanting “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.”  But, Bacchus reassured me that I was worthy and I was the only man capable for this job.  Bacchus then disappeared and I was left alone with my thoughts.  I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted at this point.  The last thing I remember was collapsing on my bathroom floor.  I slept for what felt like an eternity.  When I awoke I felt as if I had been enlightened.  I  knew exactly what needed to be done to save the planet. I carefully started mapping astrological events and looked for signs that would show me how to proceed with getting the word out.  With the help some friends from NASA, President Obama, Jimmy Iovine, and the Mayan Calander I was eventually able to calculate a most triumphant release date for Beyond Neon.

The God’s have spoken…The future is NOW…..

Look for Beyond Neon……DECEMBER 21, 2012.